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Automated Risk Intelligence for ODFIs and Corporate Originators

NEACH Payments Group (NPG) has partnered with Argos Risk to provide NPG clients with access to leading Third-Party Risk Intelligence solutions. These risk intelligence services are offered to both financial institutions and commercial businesses of all sizes.

An Introduction to AR Surveillance™

In this 90 second video see how AR Surveillance streamlines and automates the process of collecting, analyzing, and presenting information related to the business viability and health of payment originators.

Client Success Overview

How do you stay informed on the financial health of your originators when your ACH program is growing quickly?

Download the one-page Client Success Overview of one of our subscribing ODFIs.


Customer Case Study

Customer Case Study

Florida Capital Bank (FLCB) prides itself in providing the highest level of banking sophistication.  Learn how FLCB uses AR Surveillance to stay informed on the health of their originator portfolio. 


9 Regulations for ODFIs

Which areas of compliance does AR Surveillance's breadth of risk intelligence and continuous monitoring help satisfy? 


Using Risk Intelligence for Modeling, Scoring, and Forecasting Originator Risk

AR Surveillance enables an ODFI to automate the validation that an originator's risk limits are in alignment with their business health and viability.


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AR Surveillance?

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